What We Do

Our procedures are customized to the specific needs of our customers. In most cases, we obtain the vehicle and, after ensuring that the vehicle is in complete working condition (per OEM specifications), we measure the Form, Fit, and Function of the existing part currently in use on the vehicle. We then replace the OEM part with the aftermarket part. Once the aftermarket part is installed, we again measure Form, Fit, and Function and compare these results with the original part. In many instances, aftermarket parts are also compared to the OEM replacement parts. At the conclusion of each test, a complete written report is created that includes all relevant measurements, a detailed comparison, photo documentation of the test parts and results, and any electronic results from our test equipment. From simple to complex, F3 Labs has the ability to test what you need tested.
We understand that test data can be extremely private, especially during the development stage. All test results are maintained on our secure electronic servers where we use SSL and AES-256 bit encryption for your security. Results are only accessible to you, the customer and can be further protected by Time Based One-Time Password (TOTP) if required.
This is merely a generic test protocol. With your input, we can put together a detailed protocol that meets your specific needs. Contact us today.

Who We Work With

We have relationships with multiple sources throughout the Southern California area, including dealerships, Hollywood car companies, various rental car agencies, and numerous private parties. With these long-standing relationships, we are consistently able to obtain a wide variety of vehicles for use in testing processes. Our vast network also allows us to obtain hard-to-find vehicles.
Pre-production testing services are readily available to those wishing to function test their respective prototypes and initial products prior to mass production to catch any defects in design or production. We also provide post-production testing for potential problem parts and complaint resolution. Your company engineers/representatives are certainly allowed to be present on-site to see and verify test results. We are actively involved with several parts certification programs and are involved in writing national standards for parts certification.